Prayer Partners

Our Prayer Partner Ministry is off to a great start with 22 people agreeing to pray for the needs of our congregation. We have begun gathering in an unstructured way 20 minutes before each service to pray for God’s presence to be in each worship service and for the worship leaders, pastors, choir, and the people in the pews. We are reading John Maxwell’s book, Partners in Prayer to learn how to have a deeper and more consistent prayer life and how to come together as a group of people with a specific focus.


One of the things that Maxwell points out in his book is that many Christians don’t spend much time in prayer. While the reasons why may vary, the main reason is that people have the wrong attitude toward prayer. Their prayers may not have advanced or grown beyond their childhood prayers, or they may think that only grandmothers pray, or that they have to go off in a corner on their knees with their list of prayer needs. Maxwell points out that praying is nothing more than having a conversation with God. It is being in relationship with God much like a marriage. It takes both quality and quantity to develop and grow relationships.

I recently watched a webinar on prayer and the speaker spoke about the value of journaling. It reminded me that I used to do that all the time. I would sit down and write to God as if I was writing a letter, which helped me both stay focused and also reach deep down inside for what I was feeling and needing to bring to God. I remember that time as one of deep spiritual growth. My hope that as we continue in this ministry, we can find new ways or rediscover old ways of growing or renewing our prayer lives. The Prayer Partners will be having a retreat on Saturday April 11th from 10:00am -2:30pm. Place to be determined. It is not too late to join us if you are interested.

Pastor Claire


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