A Coming King: Mary’s God

December 7, 2014. Sermon: “A Coming King: Mary’s God” by Reverend Tim Avazian. Scripture: Luke 1:46-56

Discussion Questions:

  • Did your family set up Christmas crèches/nativity scenes during Christmas?  Where did they set them up?  Did your family have any stories associated with the crèches?
  • When you look at a Christmas crèches or think of Mary at Jesus’ birth, what images come to mind?  How have we depicted Mary over the centuries?
  • Read Luke 1:46-55.   Also read Luke 1:26-37 and Matthew 1:18-25.  What observations can you make?  How is Mary described?
  • What attributes of God can you find in this passage in Luke?
  • How do these passages express Mary’s faith in God?  What do these passages tell us about Mary’s hope for the Hebrew people?
  • How have we tamed Mary into the passive, pious mother of Jesus?   Is this an accurate picture of Mary?
  • How might Mary’s description of God change your outlook this Christmas?
  • How might you share the version of Mary’s God during this Christmas season?  What might you do through your words and your actions?