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Rube Goldberg Faith December 28, 2014. Sermon: “Rube Goldberg Faith” by Elder Andrew Buchanan. Scripture: Mark 12:28-34. Vocal duet of “Love Came Down at Christmas ” by Callie Myers & John Wright. Scripture reading by Nick Ortiz.

Discussion Questions:

  • What are the ‘complications’ you have added to your relationship with Jesus?
  • What can you do this week to focus your love on God?
  • Read I John 5:3, have you ever felt burdened by a commandment? How was God’s love shown at that time?
  • Think of three things you can simplify in the ‘secular’ component of your life this week.
  • In the Mark 12:28 scripture, what do you think was the intention of the scribe in asking this question of Jesus?
  • Challenge: Give a simple, heartfelt, honest prayer of your love and praise can i buy fluoxetine over the counter .