Too Marvelous

January 18, 2015. Sermon: “Too Marvelous” by Rev. Tim Avazian. Scripture: Psalm 139

  • Who is a “powerless” person you know?  How have they shown insights into life and about God?
  • Theologians use the term “imago Dei” (image of God) to describe men and women’s “likeness” or “resemblance” to God.  How should this concept inform and influence the way that we treat others?
  • Read all of Psalm 139.  What key words do you find? What words are repeated?  What do you like about the Psalm? What strikes a discord with you in the words of the Psalm?
  • What does the Psalm tell us about God’s omniscience?
  • What does the Psalm tell us about God’s omnipresence?
  • There are 4 gifts that God has given us to help us develop a better understanding of Him-our minds, the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and community.  What might you do this new year to “unwrap” one of these gifts?  What next step will you take to develop this gift?